Warriors are a race known for their physical strength and combat skills. they worship martial power and courage, occupying the vanguard position on the battlefield with their robust bodies and exquisite martial skills.

'Warrior': {
    'Hair Color': ['Black', 'Brown', 'Blonde'],
    'Hairstyle': ['Short', 'Long', 'Samurai Bun', 'Ponytail'],
    'Skin Color': ['White', 'Bronze'],
    'Clothing': ['Battle Armor', 'Chainmail', 'Samurai Robe', 'Leather Armor',
                 'Leopard Print Robe', 'Brocade Battle Dress', 'Tiger Skin Battle Dress',
             'Phoenix Armor', 'Wolf Spirit Battle Dress', 'Python Scale Armor',
             'Kirin Battle Armor', 'White Fox Fur Battle Dress'],
    'Equipment': ['Cloak', 'Helmet', 'Headband', 'Heavy Armor Helmet'],
    'Weapons': ['Tang Sword', 'Western Sword', 'Katana', 'Bow And Arrow', 'Crescent Blade', 'Spear', 'Battle Axe',
                'Warhammer', 'Dual Blades', 'Whip', 'Hammer', 'Darts', 'Halberd', 'Ring'],
    'Exoskeleton': ['']

Cultivator seek the purification of spirit and soul. through meditation and practice, they explore the limits of inner strength and maintain harmony with nature and the universe.

'Cultivator': {
    'Hair Color': ['Brown', 'White', 'Blonde'],
    'Hairstyle': ['Long', 'Short', 'Braids', 'Bun'],
    'Skin Color': ['White', 'Yellow'],
    'Clothing': ['Taoist Robe', 'Monastic Habit', 'Zen Robe', 'Ritual Robe', 'Prayer Garb', 'Mystery Robe',
             'Wisdom Robe', 'Lapis Lazuli Robe', 'Dawn Ceremony Robe', 'Starry Robe', 'Crane Taoist Robe'],
    'Equipment': ['Cloak', 'Hairpin', 'Prayer Beads', 'Pendant', 'Meditation Scroll', 'Miracle Lantern'],
    'Weapons': ['Mace', 'Kris', 'Daoist Sword', 'Dharma Wheel', 'Chain', 'Five Elements Sword', 'Yin Yang Shield',
                'Primordial Cauldron', 'Void Furnace', 'Heaven Measuring Ruler', 'Star Pen', 'Heaven and Earth Ring', 'Primordial Flag',
            'Void Mirror', 'Bagua Plate', 'Chaos Pearl', 'Heavenly Mechanism Chains'],
    'Exoskeleton': ['']

Mage are experts in mastering magic and elemental forces. through studying ancient spells and rituals, they manipulate the forces of nature to achieve their goals.

'Mage': {
    'Hair Color': ['Purple', 'Blue', 'Dawn Red'],
    'Hairstyle': ['Stardust Long', 'Short', 'Twin Braids', 'Magic Flame Bun'],
    'Skin Color': ['White', 'Yellow', 'Rose Pink'],
    'Clothing': ['Mystic Robe', 'Wizard Robe',
                'Contemplation Garb', 'Abyssal Robe', 'Mage Sigil Garment', 'Illusionary Robe'],
    'Equipment': ['Cloak', 'Pendant Chain', 'Magic Ring',
                  'Elemental Headwrap', 'Meditation Crown', 'Magic Glasses'],
    'Weapons': ['Magic Staff', 'Magic Circle', 'Elemental Scepter', 'Spell Book',
                'Crystal Ball', 'Storm Staff', 'Lightning Chain', 'Magic Shield', 'Shadow Dagger',
            'Flame Wand', 'Rune Scroll', 'Arcane Book', 'Summoning Magic Clock'],
    'Exoskeleton': ['']

Techie are pioneers in the in- depth study and application of technology. through continuous invention and innovation, they enhance the level of technology and quality of life.

'Techie': {
    'Hair Color': ['Black', 'Metallic Silver', 'Metallic Gold'],
    'Hairstyle': ['Short', 'Mohawk', 'Braid'],
    'Skin Color': ['White', 'Yellow'],
    'Clothing': ['Power Armor', 'Electromagnetic Armor', 'Fly Armor',
                 'Reflective Coat', 'Photon Armor', 'Electronic Combat Suit',
                 'Nanofiber Combat Suit', 'Kinetic Absorption Armor', 'Superconductive Combat Armor',
                 'Space Combat Suit', 'Liquid Metal Armor','Nanomechanical Armor'],
    'Equipment': ['Anti-Gravity Boots', 'Quantum Communicator', 'Energy Shield', 'Pulse Radar', 'Virtual Glasses', ''],
    'Weapons': ['Energy Sword', 'Missile Bow', 'Vibrating Blade Sword', 'Electromagnetic Gun', 'Sonic Cannon',
                'Laser Sword', 'Ion Gun', 'Electromagnetic Railgun', 'Particle Cannon', 'Gravity Control Gun',
                'Tracking Grenade', 'Plasma Cannon', 'Quantum Entanglement Pistol'],
    'Exoskeleton': ['Mechanical Enhancement Exoskeleton', 'Biological Enhancement Exoskeleton', '']

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