Zombie tribe consists of creatures resurrected from the dead, typically created through evil magic, curses, or other mysterious means. they may seek life force to sustain their own 'life,' and some zombies might still retain fragments of consciousness and memory.

'Zombie': {
    'Hair Color': ['Decay Green', 'Grave Soil Brown', 'Bloody Red'],
    'Hairstyle': ['Messy Long Hair', 'Rotten Flesh Short Hair', 'Worm Curled Hair'],
    'Skin Color': ['Ashen Gray', 'Decomposed Green', 'Bloodstained Patches'],
    'Clothing': ['Tattered Robe', 'Rotten Flesh Coat', 'Decayed Armor'],
    'Equipment': ['Ancient Necklace', 'Decayed Ring', 'Blood Drop Earrings'],
    'Weapons': ['Bloodstained Club', 'Rotten Flesh Blade', 'Bone Needle'],
    'Exoskeleton': ['']

Skeletons are creatures entirely composed of bones, typically created by dark magic or summoning rituals. as beings without self-awareness, skeletons usually serve their summoner or creator, carrying out simple commands or tasks assigned to them.

'Skeleton': {
     'Hair Color': [''],
        'Hairstyle': [''],
        'Skin Color': [''],
        'Clothing': ['Skeleton Armor', 'Skeleton Cloak'],
        'Equipment': ['Skeleton Shield', 'Bone Bead', 'Skeleton Ring'],
        'Weapons': ['Skeleton Sword', 'Bone Spike', 'Skeleton Staff'],
        'Exoskeleton': ['Skeleton Horn', '']

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