Winged are a noble race with angel-like wings. they live in the magnificent sky cities, valuing freedom and exploration as their life creed. in war, they are renowned for their ability to control the skies, dominating aerial combat.

'Winged': {
    'Hair Color': ['Moon Silver', 'Sky Blue'],
    'Hairstyle': ['Braided Feather Crown', 'Feather Flowing Long', 'Bun'],
    'Skin Color': ['Cloud White'],
    'Clothing': ['Gauze Dress', 'Velvet Robe',
                 'Wind Dance Robe', 'Emerald Feather Dress', 'Feather Gauze Clothing',
                 'Eagle Cape', 'Sky Feather Garment', 'Eagle Wing War Robe', 'Feather Light Armor'],
    'Equipment': ['Feather Earrings', 'Gem Bracelet', 'Moonlight Necklace',
                  'Windrunner Headband', 'Feather Necklace', 'Feather Flight Hairpin'],
    'Weapons': ['Longbow', 'Dart', 'Curved Knife', 'Wind Arrow', 'Light Staff',
                'Phoenix Feather Sword', 'Mist Staff', 'Wind Blade', 'Eagle Eye Bow',
                'Feather Fan Blade', 'Wind Sword', 'Void Howl Gun', 'Storm Shield',
                'Thunder Bow', 'Ethereal Throwing Knife'],
    'Exoskeleton': ['White Wings', 'Blue Wings']

Nightshade is a mysterious tribe living in the depths of the abyss. they are masters of stealth and assassination, known for their exceptional vision in darkness. at night, they move through shadows like ghosts, becoming the most fearsome presence in the darkness.

'Nightshade': {
    'Hair Color': ['Fluorescent Purple', 'Fluorescent Deep Blue'],
    'Hairstyle': ['Straight', 'Messy Tousle', 'Shoulder-length'],
    'Skin Color': ['White', 'Grayish White', 'Light Green'],
    'Clothing': ['Night Cloak', 'Night Robe', 'Shadow Patterned Clothes',
                 'Moonlight Robe', 'Spectral Skirt', 'Nightwalker Jacket', 'Eerie Mage Robe',
                 'Moon Shadow Cloak', 'Starry Veil', 'Obsidian Armor', 'Shadow Studded Garb'
    'Equipment': ['Night Crystal Necklace', 'Shadow Earrings', 'Shadow Cloak', 'Dark Gloves', 'Phantom Shield', 'Flowing Shadow Ring'],
    'Weapons': ['Shadow Blade', 'Moonlight Bow', 'Starry Night Staff', 'Night Dagger', 'Moonlight Scythe', 'Night Dart',
                'Ghost Chain', 'Night Cry Blade', 'Black Spear', 'Shadow Claw Blade', 'Dark Night Shield',
                'Phantom Scythe',
                'Night Wind Twin Blades', 'Shadowless Blade'
    'Exoskeleton': ['Eclipsion Wings', 'Lumina Wings']

The Pyronians harbors powerful fiery energy within their bodies. They likely reside in volcanoes or scorching planets and revere courage and passion.

'Pyronians': {
    'Hair Color': ['Fire Red', 'Orange'],
    'Hairstyle': ['Flame-style Curly', 'Short Bob', 'Ponytail', 'Wavy'],
    'Skin Color': ['Reddish Bronze', 'Orange Yellow'],
    'Clothing': ['Fire Patterned Armor', 'Blazing Golden Robe',
                 'Solar Battle Armor', 'Flame Tail Wrap Skirt', 'Flame Cloak', 'Flame Dance Battle Dress',
                'Fire Dance Magic Skirt', 'Flame Dance Robe'],
    'Equipment': ['Fire Crystal Earrings', 'Flame Necklace', 'Fire Ring',
                  'Blazing Cloak', 'Flame Helmet', 'Flame Circle Gloves', 'Fire Elemental Bracers',
                  'Flame Flower Ring', 'Flame Totem', 'Lava Battle Boots', 'Flame Heart Chest Protector'],
    'Weapons': ['Sword Of Flames', 'Sunfire Bow', 'Rockfire Hammer', 'Fire Chain', 'Flaming Crossbow',
                'Fire Demon Staff', 'Lava Hammer', 'Flame Claw', 'Fire Chain Whip', 'Blazing Shield',
                'Flame Staff', 'Solar Axe', 'Flame Javelin', 'Spirit Flame Bow'],
    'Exoskeleton': ['']

The frostborn is a mysterious race living on icy peaks and plains, known for their ability to manipulate ice and snow. they value calmness and wisdom, building their dwellings in the extreme cold and using ice and snow as tools for protection and attack.

'Frostborn': {
    'Hair Color': ['Ice Blue', 'Light Purple'],
    'Hairstyle': ['Ice Crystal Curly', 'Long Straight', 'Snowflake Crown'],
    'Skin Color': ['Ice Blue', 'Snow White'],
    'Clothing': ['Snowflake Long Skirt', 'Ice Crystal Armor', 'Frost Patterned Jacket'],
    'Equipment': ['Ice Crystal Bracelet', 'Frost Flower Ring', 'Ice Earrings',
              'Glacial Cloak', 'Ice Crystal Helmet', 'Frosted Gloves', 'Snow Boots',
              'Ice Crystal Bracers', 'Frost Necklace', 'Snowflake Shield', 'Frost Belt'],
    'Weapons': ['Ice Crystal Sword', 'Snowy Wand', 'Ice Scale Shield', 'Snowflake Dart',
                'Glacial Bow', 'Ice Spear', 'Hail Chain', 'Frost Hammer', 'Glacial Shield', 'Cold Soul Axe', 'Glacier Staff', 'Ice Spirit Sword'],
    'Exoskeleton': ['']

Abyssian is a mysterious group living in the vast depths of the ocean. their bodies are adapted to the high pressure and dim environment of deep waters, and they possess a unique ability to manipulate the water element.

'Abyssian': {
    'Hair Color': ['Sea Blue', 'Deep Green'], 
    'Hairstyle': ['Wave Long Hair', 'Fish Scale Short Hair', 'Coral Crown'], 
    'Skin Color': ['Light Green', 'Light Pink'], 
    'Clothing': ['Seaweed Robe', 'Coral Armor', 'Pearl Dress', 'Shark Battle Armor'], 
    'Equipment': ['Pearl Crown', 'Sea Shell Necklace', 'Coral Bracelet', 'Fish Scale Belt', 'Coral Necklace', 'Luminous Crown'], 
    'Weapons': ['Trident', 'Tide Staff', 'Whale Soul Shield', 'Wave Knife', 'Coral Sword', 'Sea Dragon Whip', 'Pearl Light Dagger', 'Tide Sound Hammer'],

Soulbinder are a mysterious group focused on the cultivation of the soul and qi. they delve deep into the secrets of the soul, seeking a profound connection with it, and possess the ability to summon and control the undead, as well as to exorcise evil spirits. they revere the concept of the cycle of death and rebirth.

'SoulBinder': {
    'Hair Color': ['Silver', 'Soul White'],
    'Hairstyle': ['Misty Cloud', 'Wave', 'Ethereal Long'],
    'Skin Color': ['Transparent', 'Pale White'],
    'Clothing': ['Void Robe', 'Ritual Garb', 'Netherstone Chainmail', 'Cloud Mist Robe', 'Spiritual Silk Garment'],   
    'Equipment': ['Soul Stone Necklace', 'Soul Bracelet', 'Void Earrings', 'Spirit Bell'],
    'Weapons': ['Soul Staff', 'Void Chains', 'Soul Whip', 'Spirit Stone Staff', 'Illusion Flute'],
    'Exoskeleton': ['']

Dragonblood is a powerful race with the bloodline of dragons. their physical characteristics include scales, sharp claws, and eyes resembling those of dragons. they deeply worship the dragon god and possess the ability to summon or transform into dragons. their culture is filled with legends and myths about dragons.

'DragonBlood': {
    'Hair Color': ['Deep Purple', 'Deep Blue'],  
    'Hairstyle': ['Dragon Horn Half Bun', 'Dragon Scale Wave', 'Twin Horn High Ponytail', 'Dragon Claw Spiky', 'Twin Dragon Buns'], 
    'Clothing': ['Dragon Scale Armor', 'Flame Battle Robe', 'Dragon Bone Armor', 'Dragon Bone Armor'], 
    'Equipment': ['Dragon Tooth Necklace', 'Dragon Scale Bracelet', 'Dragon Wing Cloak'],  
    'Weapons': ['Earthquake Hammer', 'Dragon Tooth Sword', 'Dragon Scale Shield', 'Dragon Claw Knife', 'Fire Demon Staff', 'Dragon Soul Spear', 'Dragon Tail Whip', 'Flame Battle Axe'], 
    'Exoskeleton': ['Small Dragon Horns', 'Dragon Wings', 'Dragon Spine Spikes', 'Lava Bone Armor'], 

Star traveler is deeply connected with the cosmos and stars. their bodies resemble a reflection of the night sky, twinkling with starlight, and they possess profound cosmic knowledge. they have the ability to manipulate the power of the stars for interstellar travel.

'StarTraveler': {
    'Hair Color': ['Starry Blue', 'Starlight Silver', 'Comet Gold'],
    'Hairstyle': ['Short Hair', 'Galaxy Wave', 'Meteor Tail', 'Star Cluster Curly Hair'], 
    'Equipment': ['Starshine Shield', 'Meteor Pendant', 'Void Mirror', 'Star Voyage Cape', 'Stellar Spectacles', 'Black Hole Belt', 'Nebula Boots', 'Starlight Cloak'], 
    'Exoskeleton': ['']

Forestian is a mysterious group living in dense forests. they possess the ability to communicate with forest creatures, manipulate plants, and hold deep reverence for nature, maintaining ancient rituals related to it.

'Forestian': {
    'Hair Color': ['Emerald', 'Brown', 'Chestnut'],  
    'Hairstyle': ['Long', 'Half-Tied', 'Braids', 'Vine Woven'], 
    'Skin Color': ['Leaf Green', 'Bark Brown', 'Olive'], 
    'Clothing': ['Flower Dress', 'Leather Armor', 'Leaf Robe'], 
    'Equipment': ['Ring of Nature', 'Forest Necklace', 'Circle of Life', 'Spirit Beast Boots', 'Wind Whisper Ring', 'Plant Magic Bag'],  
    'Weapons': ['Wood Spirit Bow', 'Bone Spear', 'Sky Stone Knife', 'Tree Soul Battle Axe', 'Vine Whip', 'Forest Staff', 'Beast Claw'],  

Thunder has a profound connection with the storms of the sky, possessing the magical ability to manipulate thunder and lightning. their physical features include lightning patterns or electric arcs, with their eyes often flashing with electric light.

'Thunder': {
    'Hair Color': ['Deep Blue', 'Purple'], 
    'Hairstyle': ['Short', 'Blue Strands', 'Lightning Ponytail'],  
    'Clothing': ['Electro-Light Armor', 'Storm Robe', 'Charge Armor', 'Lightning Cloak'],  
    'Equipment': ['Storm Belt', 'Thunder Pearl', 'Flash Scroll', 'Storm Bottle', 'Thunder Belt'], 
    'Weapons': ['Thunder Sword', 'Electro-Light Bow', 'Electro-Light Hammer', 'Thunder Giant Sword', 'Electric Whip', 'Arc Knife', 'Thundering Axe'], 
    'Exoskeleton': [ 'Lightning Wings']

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